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Handbook of Skill Acquisition Training and Empowerment Programmes chronicles the author’s well over 26 years involvement in the training and management of Non-Militant, Restive and Ex-Militant Youths and Persons. The book elucidates the following key elements and many more of Skill Acquisition Training and Empowerment Programmes:

  • A holistic Skill Acquisition Training and Empowerment Programme should comprise of four components: (1) Vocation Specific Training; (2) Soft and Life Skill Training (over 20 explained); (3) Entrepreneurship Development Training (over 20 explained) and; (4) Post-Training Empowerment.
  • As much as natural traits or endowments can aid the skills acquired through training, some aspects of learning and skill acquisition are dependent on Psychological, Psychomotor and Spiritual strength of Trainees.
  • Vocational and Technical Education should be taught alongside and within conventional academic curricula so that Graduates can be equipped with Vocation Specific Trades they can eke out a living, after graduation.
  • All Departments in academic institutions should develop Vocation Specific Trades or MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) out of the various Academic Curricula the students can get engaged in, after graduation.
  • Operationalisation and Reporting Templates are needed for effective and successful Training Programmes (over 100 Templates are provided in the book).
  • Trainers should be proactive, accommodating and passionate when managing Trainees and also avoid the commoditisation of Training Programmes.
  • Provision of Skill Acquisition Training is one of the time-honoured programmes that can be used to combat the menace of global insecurity, pervasive poverty and destabilisation of the international system.
  • Continuous provisions should be made to re-integrate and empower Ex-Militants, Civilian JTF (Joint Task Force) Members, De-radicalised Nigerian Repentant Ex-Boko Haram Operatives, IDPs and Nigerian Refugees to enable them lead self-reliant, productive and wholesome livelihoods.
  • There is the need to properly institutionalise the resettlement, reconstruction and rehabilitation of insurgency devastated territories and persons.


The book was published by the International Centre for Sustainable Development, Nigeria, for the author.


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Some images of training programmes managed and carried out by the author